Over View of the JFS inc

Membership of the Society is characterized by a multistoried structure, allowing the participation of diverse companies and organizations in the manufacture and sale of castings, casting machines, raw materials, auxiliary materials, software, recycling and other industries surrounding the casting industry. The Society encompasses the bulk of the casting manufacturing industry of Japan and aspires to become a core and comprehensive organization of the latter.

Utilizing this multistoried membership structure, personnel related to various industry segments are encouraged to join the committees of the Society, and provide a venue for wide-ranging information exchange, from technical to company management. The Society is active in studies, research and enlightenment on “Technical innovation on production,” “Company management innovationモ and メFostering and development of Human resources” tailored to worksite requirements.

The Society will plan and operate committee activities, as well as Society programs and projects for the purpose of the following.

  1. To strengthen cooperation among its members, to strive for mutual study, to upgrade their technological level and to facilitate their business management.
  2. To promote interchange with users and other related industries and reinforce the business management makeup.
  3. To strive to innovate technology and foster the next generation of individuals for casting through the joint efforts of industry, academia and government agencies.
  4. To promote the maintenance and enhancement of competitive power within a globalizing environment.
  5. To further enhance interchange with the overseas foundry industry organizations.